Hurricane Isaac

      but who is to say

Teetering on the possibility of anomaly

And reverberating in the aftershock you have created

Gather up the crumbs displaced in what was never divulged

Be careful of choking

It’s easier to break down when picked to pieces

And remind me then of all you believe me to be

Overflowing with all that is dumped in the concealed

Wading in the mucky blue of what you think you have come to know

Guzzling deeper what you have forced upon me

Take me as you will

Leave me for all you have built

A victim to all you could never begin to comprehend 

Hurricane Isaac spits me out when least expected

Sparking under the magnifier of perception

The digestion of this existence parallels my subscription

And weeds I’m plucking I find you have planted

Photo by Diogo Nunes on Unsplash

Sana Makke

Sana Makke

I write because it is all I know. It is the easiest way to make sense of the emotions going on in all of this. This piece reflects my rather recent experience at American University and the feeling of not fitting in in a broad sense. I am confident in who it is I am and what I give this world, but being at American University feels like a forceful containment into a box I would rather not be placed in. Just because the experience of Sana is a unique one does not mean I must fit into your labels, I am what I am and that is something that is constantly taking form.

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