Tree of Love

This piece is one of my more abstract pieces. I was trying to form a connection between the earth and beyond and us, from our brain and inner workings of human anatomy. 

Meg Adams

Meg Adams

My name is Megan Adams. I am a Junior at American University, with a double major in both C.L.E.G. and Economics. Art has always been a passion of mine, and a way to express my thoughts and feelings beyond words. I have found comfort in being able to put my feelings on canvas and have previously struggled with sharing such intimate parts of me. I attended a Catholic High School and didn’t feel free to express these either. As I have grown at American University, I have grown to embrace these fears. Being at American has shown me that parts of myself that I was originally scared to share and even address with those around me are welcomed and encouraged. I am so grateful that a platform like Visible exists for voices and expressions beyond mine to be heard, but for others to also recognize that they are free and welcome by this community.