How do you see yourself?

I made this painting when Snapchat had first released its Snapchat filters. They interested me in their ability to completely transform reality from what was on screen. 

Meg Adams

Meg Adams

My name is Megan Adams. I am a Junior at American University, with a double major in both C.L.E.G. and Economics. Art has always been a passion of mine, and a way to express my thoughts and feelings beyond words. I have found comfort in being able to put my feelings on canvas and have previously struggled with sharing such intimate parts of me. I attended a Catholic High School and didn’t feel free to express these either. As I have grown at American University, I have grown to embrace these fears. Being at American has shown me that parts of myself that I was originally scared to share and even address with those around me are welcomed and encouraged. I am so grateful that a platform like Visible exists for voices and expressions beyond mine to be heard, but for others to also recognize that they are free and welcome by this community.

Published Work