i guess you’ve got me wrong

A collection of four poems inspired by some of the hardships I have faced due to my identity and overcoming others hate.

living your truth

is like wearing

your heart 

on the outside 

of your chest, 

caught in between 

trying to protect it

from the nails

of others that attempt

to rip it apart,

and burying it under 

your clothes desperately trying

to hide what makes you 


-wanting to be inside and outside of those closet doors

three letters yet it seems

that no matter how

hard i try to be me,

you will



my identity. 

-how can my heart be up for debate?

you asked me 

if i was taking a 

boy to prom, 

as if my long hair 

and the clothes i wear 

and my press on nails 

are an indicator of

an attraction to males.

-i guess you’ve got me wrong

my life is more

valuable than your comfort.

i will no longer dictate 

every move i make 

in order to satisfy your taste.

there is nothing wrong with
the way in love i take

but there is in fact 

something incorrect 

about your hate

and how i let your

opinions act as an

enormous weight

upon me.

there is a major error

in the way i pushed

every right of being

a human aside

for your sake.

i will release my

truth out into

the sky until

my vocal cords strain

so much they almost break.

i will finally live

my life authentically

and YOU will be seen

as the disgrace.

-i am gay and you can’t change that

Maddie Ceasar

Maddie Ceasar

Maddie Ceasar is a freshman at American University who is studying photography. She is working towards using her voice and art as a platform to raise awareness for LGBTQIA+ issues.

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