“Reflections” is a piece I wrote after reading W.E.B Dubois essay “Criteria of Negro Art” where he proposes that beauty is “the apostle of truth.” After debunking what that meant for me, I wanted to create a piece that spoke to my thoughts and feelings about beauty in our society. “Reflections” is about understanding who or what has been considered as beautiful and giving affirmation/confirmation to those do not fit society beauty standards that the truth is they are indeed beautiful not what society stigmatize as beauty.


what has been beautified

constitutes a lie. 

if it is not true


it is not beautiful. 

there is no criteria for what is deemed aesthetically pleasing,

beauty is reaching the senses 

splitting societal fences, 

where you stood outside

until you entered

and became renamed, 

”The Unfiltered Living Embodiment of Beauty.”



I'm a soulful Brooklyn girl who embraces her roots with love for plants, the moon, and the ocean, just to name a few. As a creative, I model part-time and write poetry that is either shared or performed to the community. I aspire to be a role model for all individuals who refused to conform to societal and materialistic norms.

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