my first gay break up

my first gay break up was the most
gut wrenching
emotionally raw experience

you never realize how normal having love in your life is
suddenly, its not there

it’s you and only you for the first time
and so quickly you feel just as alone as you did before,
as if it had never happened.

but it did
and that’s something to celebrate.

because this was something the world told you that you weren’t allowed to have

but you took it for yourself
and it was the most enchanting,
pure happiness.

so even when you’re staring at the end
repeating the same song
feeling like youve returned to square one
take a moment to look back and just see
that you have come so far,

because now you are more of yourself than you ever have been before
and that is magic

Evan Rose

Evan Rose

just a bi boy taking the world outside the closet one day at a time

pronouns: he/they

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