My Little Leo Lion

Me and my Leo lion

My skin is the color of mud and hers is like sand, but together in the sun our pigments both shine golden together.

The moon makes us glow when it illuminates our legs that fit within each other in the night.

Suddenly her tattoos become constellations ready to be filled in by my fingers that trace them softly.

Unable to be defeated by mortal weapons and with fur immune to attack, Leo – the constellation in the sky – shines bright and describes the power within her.

You’ll come to reckon it too when she releases her roar if attention isn’t on her, but as a Libra of the scales, you’ll find that it isn’t difficult in the slightest to keep your dreams fixated on her. Her mane alone could keep you entertained in your idealistic world of beauty.

Ferociously kind.

Her indestructible fur protects you in the fiercest of ways. It, too, protects a heart as big as the galaxy itself which only her eyes might give you hints to its capacity if you get to know her well enough.

But it isn’t the moments of roaring strength that illustrate the ability that this fiery girl contains.

Her ability can be seen during mornings with this Leo when her eyes are closed. It’s when the sun is still rising and I’m wide awake.

Her constellation tattoos come to life and embrace me while she’s still drunk with sleep.

King of the pride for the world during the day, my little Leo lion kisses me gently on the neck as our stars and constellations begin to shine golden in the new daylight.

“I love you,” she says.
The power that she holds over me.

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