Quality of life

the world seems to be crumbling around me
in an instant life has been halted
turned upside down unable to proceed
like a top placed on the spinner instead of the point
but instead of doing anything or letting my anxiety get the best of me
I repeat my newly composed mantra
“it is what it is”
COVID-19 has killed at least 90 of the more than 4,580 people diagnosed with the disease in the U.S.
“it is what it is”
U.S stocks futures bounce around following Wall Street’s worst rout in three decades.
“it is what it is”
Italy reports 3,590 more cases, 1,809 total deaths
“it what it is”
no other way to cope than to accept
accept the layoffs, the shutdowns,
the unemployment, the unpayable bills,
the crisis, the hysteria, the social distancing,
the quarantine, the death
-the pandemic.
slowly going mad watching the hands on the clock tick
seemingly the only thing still orbiting as usual

Notes from the author: regarding my feelings about the recent events occurring due to coronavirus

Kaitlyn Hamer

Kaitlyn Hamer

I’m a freshman at AU and on the social media team for Visible. I’m from a small beach town in Delaware. I am really interested in all types of creative expression. I love fashion, theater, film, and especially live music. I am looking really forward to being in DC and having the privilege of going to artistic LBGTQ events and becoming more active in that culture. In the past, I wasn’t in an environment where I was able to safely express my bisexuality, so I am really happy to not only be in a safe environment now, but also have a platform to discuss LGBTQ identities.

Pronouns: she, her, hers

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