Quarantine Fits

Our Editor, Björksten, shows us how to fashionably express yourself from home.

For me, fashion has always been intimately connected to queerness.

As a trans, non-binary person, something as rigidly gendered as clothes, hair styles, and makeup could be daunting, but I find joy and honest expression in the way that fashion allows me to build a physical representation of the in-between space where I feel my gender identity exists. Clothes are an easy way to connect with myself and others. So, like most people, the thought of staying inside for 2 weeks straight to ensure I do not have coronavirus intimidated me. I was worried I would feel disconnected from my community and lose motivation. As a way of expressing creativity and making sure I got up and felt good about myself each day, I set a challenge for myself. I began a lookbook of “Quarantine Fits.” The project was a good way for me to connect—via social media—with other people who appreciate fashion, and it brought me joy in a time of isolation.

The first day of quarantine was a simple announcement of the project I intended to do for the following two weeks. Here are days 2 through 14:



Björksten (they/them) is an anthropology and film double major at American University. You can find their films at and their instagram at @bee.york.sten

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