At funerals we throw flowers and watch them fall on caskets

Inching, Inch -ing  Itch, Itching.

Closer to you and

As my eyes blister over                  Pulping.

I’d be lying if I said no. As static feels my ears-

Nothing in nature is quiet.
Even the wind whispers to the green leaves that fall on the Dead

Green Grass.

I fall into dead green grass.

I seep
Into the dead

hoping to find you hidden or perchered.

Festering into my recollection.

Inching, Inch      -ing Itch, Itching.

Forever Chicago blue.                                                                                                And black girl Brown.

              And lilac Brownsville, Tennessee. For                                                                           my grandmother.
And for
                           her mother.

We always throw flowers.
And the rose’s thorn pricks me.

We throw flowers.

And I get so jealous of how close they are to you. 

They will Decay                                                                                                                                   On the Front of Your Casket.

Wilting and spreading out as all things do.                                                                       So thin.
               So pretty and so poised.

All things have such similar ends.                                                  And such informal beginnings.

All things fall,
and I watch them as they do.

As it does,                                                                                            the rose.

Taking with it my formal regards.

Nyvia Taylor

Nyvia Taylor

I am a sophomore public health major from Chi-Town! I am really interested in the intersectionality of gender expression and queerness as it relates to adverse health outcomes, race/ethnicity and societal factors. I am Visible’s Co-Culture Editor and I am really interested in getting grassroots Queer POC narratives out there for more inclusive and realistic conversations that need to be had in the Queer community!

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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