forever loving my queer family

they call it a sin
saying that it is nothing to be proud in,
failing to acknowledge
that my blood represents
the countless
underrepresented voices
of my kin.

my kin,
whose skin was ripped apart
with words of hate from
those hiding behind
masks of religion.

my kin,
who marched in the streets
with their hearts on their sleeves,
who held walk-outs and

my kin,
of such great hero’s in
history who have been erased,
like harvey milk
and marsha p. johnson.

my kin,
still standing strong
and fighting
despite the blatant
ignorance against
national crisis’ likes aids
and the killings of transgender

my kin,
who continue to
out for love
even when that means
being imprisoned.

my kin,
who i will forever
stand with and
and be proud of
despite your opinion.

Maddie Ceasar

Maddie Ceasar

Maddie Ceasar is a freshman at American University who is studying photography. She is working towards using her voice and art as a platform to raise awareness for LGBTQIA+ issues.

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