light and color

Dissolving, shimmering into the atmosphere,
my lips parted to laugh and bright teeth shone in the shadows of the tunnel.
Your smirk exploded my being into a thousand fractures of light,
You sang me honey and your warm voice melted the freezing city air,
melted me too.
The wind didn’t kiss your face, it shouted.
You shouted back.
The traffic was loud, deafening,
but I was deaf to it all as soon as your eyes looked down at my lips.
We colored out the lines,
I came to find, my fire was fate with you.
Your curls broke free from your hood
and I giggled when you warmed your hands in mine.
I told you I liked my girls like I liked my honey and you kissed me.
I exploded into a vision of light and colors.
A rainbow.

Belle Rajewski-Samko

Belle Rajewski-Samko

My name is Belle (she/her/hers) & I am studying international relations and Spanish at American University. I'm excited to continue on my journey of self discovery & love through writing here at Visible. There is such passion and power in the voices of the queer community, and I am so happy to be able to showcase my own!

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