Lines n’ loneliness

Isolation makes me think of the pandemic. I think of feeling alone and how days turned into nights and then back again. Immediately I associate isolation with a deep and profound loneliness, or something synonymous with sadness. It also makes me think of time; Queer Time. This piece is inspired by this, the idea that queer people sometimes don’t operate on some linear timeline. For us, maybe life starts when we wear a skirt, or a suit, or get called a slur. Isolation reminds me how I’ve existed outside of reality before, and how as a gay man I’ve been secluded, removed…isolated. I was inspired to capture this idea through the use of line, value, and figuration. The more expressive broader pencil marks around the bed are meant to abstract the border, drawing the viewers eye to the central figure. Closer to the center of the composition, the lines become more detailed, juxtaposing the obscurity of the person’s surrounds. This piece is about this paradox of vagueness and detail; a scene out of context as a way of reflecting on time.

Ian Vaughan

Ian Vaughan


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