clenching the walkman,

blistering guitar solos penetrated

my ears as I hid in the corner hoping

neighbors didn’t hear china breaking in the kitchen.

tracing each unexplained beauty mark

to the next on my arm, my eyes closed


time a scream not from the rickety

headphones attempted to enter my ear.

eroding lime green paint chips bounced on to the floor in response to

slam shut doors. staring at the posters on my wall, my idols reminded me

one day I would leave this shell of a house and the nightmares behind.

my mother set a cold grilled cheese sandwich alone on the lonely hardwood floor outside my room. she could still hear my silent screams knowing I hadn’t eaten all that day.

I wouldn’t forget to bring my mom with me when I leave.


Trevor Luciani

Trevor Luciani

he/him/his, insta is @trevorluciani

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