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We are currently seeking all types of submissions, including but not limited to: Visuals (art, multimedia, graphic design, illustrations, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, video, crafts, fashion, etc), literary (short stories, essays, poetry, criticism, reviews, and profiles), or article formatted pieces particularly investigative (watch-dog, data-driven, unbiased, and balanced reporting) content. We are inclusive of ALL and that obvi includes allies 🙂

Student at AU

If you are an AU student click here to submit your work!


We accept work from members of all communities. While we do prioritize our student's pieces for publication, we would love to see what you can contribute to Visible.

*By submitting to Visible, you are agree to free use and right to publish any of the disclosed information and attachments that follow. If you believe there has been an issue with your submission please email

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